Google: A Helping Hand


Google is not making us stupid. Google is one of the easiest ways to access any information you need as soon as you need it. Since the advancement of technology accessing information has become so convenient that you can do it right from your bed. We can access it through our phones, our computers, and our tablets. Today’s generation has grown up with the easy access to any information. Before Google, people would have to go to a library to look for information.  Today all of that information is at the tip of your fingers. Our generation grew up with all of the new technology, and it just keeps advancing. The older generation grew up having to go to libraries to get information they needed, so some tend to see the easy access we have as being lazy. 

ImageBeing that we have such quick and easy access to all of this information we can find out anything we need to know quickly. The point of Google is to learn and get information you need. Why would something that has unlimited information make us stupid? Google has become such a big part of our daily lives that it has been added to the dictionary. It shouldn’t be looked at as a bad thing, because in the end it could teach us things we don’t know about. Google can be used to learn any information that you desire. Our intelligence will continue to expand with the help of Google.



3 thoughts on “Google: A Helping Hand

  1. Yes, I do agree Google is a fine aid in achieving many goals whether it be research, entertainment or even personal satisfaction. At the same time, we cannot just follow one argument with each new technology there are both pros and cons. Both sides of the argument can be made within the framework of this topic. The most impact this technology has had is on the youth and the younger generation. Kids are usually deceived by the amount of information out there and if left unchecked can be very detrimental for the child. “Kids are spending more and more time online. Often posting or sending personal contact information or posting comments and photos that can damage their reputation or even put them a risk. They are friending and communicating with friends, acquaintances and strangers on Facebook, MySpace and in chat rooms. These acquaintances and strangers may not have their best interest in mind. In the instance of cyber bullying some friends even have questionable intentions.” (McGruff). At the same time, with Google nowadays, there are not many people who can display their individuality in their works and have people who value it.

  2. I agree that Google is indeed making us as a society “stupid” because we use it everyday as a tool. I found this article extremely amusing because of the cartoon pictured above. As technology is beginning to take over, it almost seems that sooner or later we will not be required to think. We will have technology thinking for us and doing more for us than ever. Just the other day my friends and I were trying to figure out whether an IHOP nearby delivered or not. The discussion lasted less than a few seconds before somebody summoned their iPhone 5 and asked the infamous Siri. Within seconds we had our answer without barely lifting a finger, nonetheless actually thinking about the matter at hand. It is truly amazing how the world is beginning to revolve around technology. However, the most amazing part has yet to come. It is exciting to be a part of the technology crazed generation as technology continues advancing rapidly.

  3. I feel that there are both positive and negatives to the “lets google it” term that people use so frequently these days. It doesn’t necessarily make someone stupider per say, but it does make our society rely on the internet to answer all of the questions they may have. It is great when it isn’t abused because if you are really unsure of something or need to know how to fix something – you can just put it into a search engine and find some answers. The problem is that it makes many people lazy and almost causes a lack of thought because they know the answer is out there somewhere, it’s just a matter of “googling it.” It has been extremely helpful in certain situations for me but overall I find myself relying on it way too much.

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