Art is Innovation

It’s a known fact that defining the term “art” is nearly impossible. This is because everyone has different perspectives of what constitutes to be art.  What some see to have artistic value in, others may not see it at all. This then leads to many definitions of the term art itself. Most people find that only classic paintings hung up at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to be art since that seems to be our foundation of artistic value. Others, are accepting the new wave of digital media art with open arms. However, the classical pieces of art seems to define art, actually. When a person walks in a building that contains paintings of The Starry Night by van Gogh or The Last Supper by da Vinci, it seems to represent something. The preconceived notion seems to be that they are in an elegant and proper place where intellectual people must be. The classics seem to define what constitutes art. However, one theme they all have in common is innovation. We’re always bringing innovation into art.images (1)

Art has always been a form of expression and forming that expression comes from experimenting and taking risks. Salvador Dali was a famous innovator. He essentially moved away from contemporary art and started creating surreal art. In order for him to do this, he had to point out a difference that no one else had seen and create something new and different. Dali is not the only one though. Many artists did, and still continue to bring innovation to their pieces. Art has always been seeing something different that no one else sees and being able to produce it.

That’s what we have in our world today. Because of digital media, people are striving to be the next art innovator. Except it’s not one person making a movement. It’s everybody. Because of mass media and greater innovation in technology, everybody has complete access to create or capture an image, sound, film, etc. just by using our phones. The idea is similar to blogging. Before, a person was considered an author if he or she had published a book. Now, because of the new media forms, we call can be authors just by typing our opinions on webpages, or blogging just like how we can all be artists. We’re all the innovators of our world.

Exhibitions  Nam June Paik  Global Visionary   American Art

Here’s the big question though: Is there value in this digital media art? Yes. There’s value in the art we’re producing, but it is a different value than we’re used to. We can’t recreate the classics, nor do we want to since they’re called classics for a reason, so why can’t we create something different? We have apps on our phones that allow us to share and transmit pictures that we take and present to world so that maybe they can see the world like how we do. Also, we have programs on our computers that allow us to make movies and show the world that turning nothing into something is possible for the average person.

Recently, I just visited the Smithsonian American Art Museum in DC since a new exhibit opened up and my cousins and I were interested to see what it was. The new exhibit was the “art of video games” exhibit. Personally, I don’t even like video games. I never played them when I was young and never was interested. But when I went to this museum, I went in with an open mind. At the exhibit, there were a lot of screens with video games playing on them. They even had stations to play at. The more I checked out this exhibit, the more I could see the art involved with making something like this. A person had to come up with the scenery, layout, and concepts of a game. Also including computer graphics, sound effects and music that would allow a player to feel as though they have been taken out of their reality and put in a new world. Until the game is over anyways.


A key takeaway we can get from the new digital media art process is that people are creating new and different things than we are used to. This can ultimately be a inspiration for the people who want to be the next innovators in our society today. Digital media won’t dumb us down unless we allow it to. If we use our digital media tools as a way to think outside the box, we will see what others may not see and give them the pleasure of it by sharing it with them.We should take this as an opportunity to become innovators, and to keep creating and producing art that will shape the world.

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One thought on “Art is Innovation

  1. I think your experience at the Smithsonian videogames exhibit highlights something important. I feel like digital media has been, to an extent, overlooked because its something that can’t necessarily be framed and hung on museum walls. And even if parts of it can screenshot and printed and hung, it isn’t really the art in its original form. Digital art often moves beyond the two-dimensional, and it challenges our norms for art. I think its great that there was an interactive exhibit that actually enabled the digital art to be viewed the way it was meant to be seen, and not just images printed and hung to try and mimic the classic or “right” way to view and interact with art.

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