Media’s Influence

NewtownVictimsWhile reading the blog post “Sorting Through the Posts” I began thinking about the recent tragedy that struck Newton, Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary school. Literally minutes after this tragedy occurred I was able to type just the word “sandy” into the google search engine and the prediction drop down box automatically displayed suggestions like “Sandy Hook shooting” or “Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, 26 dead.” There were minute by minute updates on hundreds of media sites. Receiving information about the massacre was a click away. During the aftermath of this tragedy I was speaking to a few of my supervisors at work and we were discussing how much the media influenced not only this tragedy but most tragedies like it. I shared my opinion that I believe the media should not discuss the shooters in these incidents. I feel that publicizing the criminal gives into what he or she may want. These psychopaths may want to top the pervious psychopaths publicized by the media. Disturbed people who would most likely take their deranged thoughts out on themselves, but when the media publicized the shooters it leaves an idea in these peoples’ heads that maybe they should try to do something more sadistic and take out their issues on innocent people. The media should be more focused on the victims of the tragedies and let the judicial system take care of the sadistic murders. Of the twenty-six victims of the Sand Hook tragedy it was more likely than not that when asked someone would know the name of the shooter but could not name at least one or more than two of the victims by memory. The same goes for other shooting tragedies such as the VT shooting or the Columbine shooting. I am most certainly not saying this applies to everyone or that the victims were not honored by many but this is a fact that unfortunately reins true for some. Will the media ever cease to publicize the criminals, truthfully, probably not, but atleast we as people can do more to avoid buying into the life stories of the morders.


4 thoughts on “Media’s Influence

  1. You make a really important point especially since within the past year the number of such incidents has increased so much from the past. Instead of the media using the time to discuss mental health or the victims, the focus seems to be on every aspect of the criminal from his life growing up to the number and type of guns he owned. An individual is influenced by his or her environment, and media doesn’t want to take any responsibility in the events that have taken place but the it appears more and more likely that they have unknowingly played some role in them. Surely no one can blame them, but is the media going to change their behavior in the future? should they have to? does the general public want them to? if the public does, what role would the government and local officials play in this?

  2. I totally agree with you. The media focuses way too much on negativity in this world. I definitely think they should be sharing the news, but also sharing the good in this world.

  3. I would have to completely agree with your point of view. I find that the problem with the media portraying breaking news is that there is the chance that are not reporting the completely and whole truth from the get go. Sandy Hook is a perfect example because the media found that the man responsible had an ID that that read Ryan Lanza (it turned out that the real culprit was Adam Lanza, Ryan’s brother) and outraged citizens took to their computers and decided to harass Ryan. If the media had kept the information to itself or even waited an appropriate amount of time to get the facts straight Ryan would not have been the subject of a witch hunt.

  4. You make an excellent point. As shootings in our society are on the rise, the media needs to stop giving notoriety to these evil shooters and focus more on the innocent victims. Too often we remember only the names of the shooters, with little to no remembrance of the victims. The media plays a huge role in stopping this and should implement this change now. I would like to mention that while covering this shooting, Anderson Cooper, did make it a point not to mention the “shooters name”. I really respect him for that and hope this will continue when other reporters cover such horrific events.

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