Art’s Reproduction

Just by looking at the title of this blog post, I thought, exactly how valuable can something reproduced be in the digital universe? Something such as a reproduced piece of art is something as simple as a picture, a picture of a painting in the digital universe. It is not tangible nor an object we can ourselves hold in our hands unless of course we print out the picture of the painting ourselves. I considered, what is value in the digital universe and how do we determine how valuable something is in the digital universe? Before I stumbled down the page at the examples of reproduced art, I envisioned all of the reproduced art I’ve seen on the Internet. Because they are not the original pieces: the real thing in real life, to me they hold no external or price value. Depending on how one interprets a famous painting, the reproduction may hold some sort of sentimental value, however, that value lies in the individual and their interpretation of the work. Art can be democratized in many ways because of how we reproduce it and what we reproduce it for. Whether a piece of art is viewed in a museum or on a computer or even reproduced on to a poster so it can be displayed in someone’s room, the value may change in price, but the admiration we have for it and the beauty the artwork beholds does not.

–-Jennah Quinn


One thought on “Art’s Reproduction

  1. Art has always been an intriguing topic to me because of how open-ended it can be. The fact that the same picture could be just scribbles to one person and art to another is amazing. I suppose the same thing can be said for the reproduction of artwork today. Many artists are manipulating original pieces of artwork and making them into their own. Can this be considered originality though?..or is it simply creativity? Taking someone else’s ideas and work and changing them to create something else that you can call your own is most definitely not always highly regarded in the art community. However, many of us can find an appreciation for pieces of art that have been changed into something fresh and new.

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