Art Expressed in Different Ways

Art is defined by the dictionary as “The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”  Basically since we were in elementary school we have been taught art by the dictionary definition.  This means that we have gone through life basically only seeing paintings and sculptures as art, but art means something different to me.  When I think of art the first thing that pops into my mind is architecture and especially manufacturing.  Beauty is synonymous in culture today with art.  Art isn’t dead, in fact it lives on stronger than ever.  Everyday you see buildings and products that are so wonderfully crafted that they deserve nothing short of being called art.  Beijing_National_StadiumWhether it is the Olympic Stadium in Beijing, or a finely crafted Apple product they all deserve the title of being called art.

This is not saying that I think that paintings and sculptures are dead, just that they don’t have the same relevance todaythat they had hundreds of years ago, and certainly aren’t as relevant in the digital age.  In todays world people put a filter on a picture on Instagram and call that art… it’s not.  Paintings and sculptures still exist, and it is true that they are art in its purest form, but it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t alter the definition a little bit to account for technology and architecture.

From a humanist standpoint, art is beauty and therefore is not easily defined as a definition in the dictionary, but rather applied and varied between individuals.  Saying something is beautiful is a personal opinion and thus we are the ones who decide what is or isn’t beautiful, or art, per say.unibody-apple  You maylook at a painting of Van Gogh’s and think it’s amazing where as I think it’s crap.  Is it art, yes… But only by definition in the dictionary.  This is the same as saying that the unibody structures of the current MacBook Pro is a perfect example of pure art whereas you look at it and think it is neither a painting or a sculpture therefore it is not art but just beautiful.

Just as art and beauty should be synonymous of each other, we should alter what we consider to be art to encompass a wider category.  One that still includes the typical paintings and sculptures but also includes architecture and manufacturing, as well as being open to other forms such as fashion.  I think from too young of an age we are drilled with the notion that art can only exist in certain forms when really we should be taught of it being an all encompassing form of beauty that exists around us everywhere we look, everyday!


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